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Sustainable & Comfortable Office Furniture Solutions

Gray Office Furnishings has deep roots in Canada. Beginning in 1969, our company began supplying commercial office furniture throughout Alberta, Northern British Columbia, and Saskatchewan with their furniture needs. Over the years, we have helped countless clients create more comfortable working spaces and waiting rooms. Our experts have even outfitted businesses with productive home offices, which is an asset as companies increasingly offer work-from-home arrangements. We are a comprehensive, customer-focused company. One of our innovative methods of achieving client satisfaction is our Create Your Space program, which enables you to customize your solutions. We continue to forge ahead through honesty, integrity, and environmental responsibility.

modern office furniture

We Have Experience Working With a Broad Range of Industries

Every company is different. Not only can we work with private residence owners to create a working space, but we can also adapt our skills based on your industry. We have extensive experience working with clients in a broad range of industries, making us the leader in office furniture solutions. For instance, we have worked with customers in the following sectors:

  • Medical Clinics & Patient Rooms
  • Wellness Rooms (Corporate & Industrial)
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Long-Term Care Centers
  • Casinos
  • Hospitality (Restaurant & Lounge)
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Ski Lodgers and Resorts
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Financial & Legal Firms
  • Auto Dealers

We Help Shepherd Your Project From Beginning to End

It doesn’t matter what you need from our team. If your employees have expressed a desire for more comfortable seating and bigger desks, we can help. Many of our clients own businesses with a customer-facing room. Keeping your customers happy while they wait for your services is essential. We sell comfortable seating. We have replaced furniture for existing businesses, and our team has helped new companies get situated. No matter what, we have the experience required to take your ideas from concept to reality.

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