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Office Furniture in Edmonton, AB

Office Furniture in Edmonton, AB

Office Furniture in Edmonton, AB

Office Furniture in Edmonton, AB

Office Furniture in Edmonton, AB

Furnishing Alberta Businesses Since 1969

Gray Office Furnishings has a long and storied history of providing comfortable and durable office furniture to Edmonton, AB customers. Our reach extends into greater Alberta, Northern British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Our team understands the importance of making your office comfortable, functional, and unique. We work hard to help you acquire furniture that fits your aesthetic and communicates who you are to visiting clients. Over the years, we have supplied doctor’s offices with waiting room chairs, casinos with classy furniture, and schools, auto dealers, and churches with what they need. You can trust us to give you what you need.


We place a premium on comfortable furniture. Whether outfitting a waiting room or an office or keeping your guests and employees comfortable, you can count on us.


Not only will we keep your guests and employees comfortable, but our furniture is also built to last. We pride ourselves on creating long-lasting office spaces.

Superior Customer Support

Our Create a Space service emphasizes total customization. But even if you opt for a less bespoke service, you can count on friendly and knowledgeable service.

Try Our Create Your Space Service for a Custom Experience

We believe it is essential for businesses to have total control over how their working spaces function and appear. That’s why we offer a service enabling our customers’ increased flexibility. “Create Your Space” provides consulting services, layout and space planning, budget planning, ergonomic assessment, and lease options. This customized experience will enable you to make the right choices for your office’s specific needs. Over the years, our specialists have helped countless office managers and business owners improve their clients’ and employees’ experiences.

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