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Customizable Office Furniture in Edmonton, AB

Gray Office Furnishings is dedicated to providing sustainable and customizable office furniture to Edmonton, AB, Northern British Columbia, and Saskatchewan customers. We have years of experience helping clients determine what they need for their office and delivering on our promise of versatile and knowledgeable service. We are proud to offer our Create Your Space service, which enables you to choose the furniture you need for your space while considering how much room you have and your specific needs.


What to Expect From Our Specialists

There are many benefits to utilizing our customized service. Creating the perfect working environment means considering various elements. We can help with that. Our Create Your Space service includes the following:

Consulting Services

Our team includes specialists who understand how to assess our clients' needs and provide them with what they need. For instance, we can meet at your office and work with you to determine what kind of furniture suits your office workers and customers best.

Layout & Space Planning

Every office is different. Our team members know how to maximize every corner of your space to ensure each desk and chair is where it should be. We can recommend styles and sizes that complement your existing space.

Budget Planning

One of the benefits of working with us is our commitment to versatility. We offer an impressive range of furniture options in various price ranges. That way, you can purchase the furniture you need within your budget.

Ergonomic Assessment

Keeping your employees comfortable should be paramount. Uncomfortable chairs will contribute to injuries and drive up your costs. Purchasing chairs with strong ergonomic features is a great way to keep the people who work hard for you happy.

Lease Options

If purchasing new furniture isn’t in the cards, we offer lease options. This alternative is economical and will help you obtain high-quality furniture for your guests and employees. Leasing with us means continuing support, as well.

Professional, Creative Solutions for Businesses

We have the expertise required to provide you and your company with the kinds of resources you need to take care of your customers and employees. No matter the size of your business, you can rely on our team to find creative solutions to your problems. We excel at delivering on our lofty promises, and our past clients can attest to our professionalism.

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